Our company, the Trió Egerszeg Ltd. deals with sale of doors and windows in Zalaegerszeg for the retail trade and the business sphere with installing and demolition of the old structures at request.

Due to our client and quality orientated business philosophy since 1996 the continuous development of our Corporation and its legal predecessor has established our stable market presence. The experience which we have gained during work of more than a decade in the building industry sector has raised our firm among the market leader selling companies of the region. In 2007 the number of our sold windows and doors exceeded 3000 pieces. Due to it we have several reliable references providing appropriate guarantee to keep the trust of customers.

We transport based on the type and individual sizes, install modern frontal and interior doors and windows, which meet the European standards.

The preparedness and several years’ intalling experience of our colleagues who do the installing on the spot and their specific knowledge certificated by manufacturers guarantee the high-quality execution.

A térség legszínvonalasabb bemutatóterme, 220m2-en, több, mint 100 bemutatott termékkel, a legújabb technikai újításokkal.
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